I would like to start by saying thank you for visiting my website. After much debate I decided to create my own personal website to connect with fellow Peloton users. As many know, trying to connect with Peloton followers have always been problematic at certain times. This was my solution!
In July 2019, I began my journey towards a healthier lifestyle and introduced to my first protein shake from my sweet friend and former client, "NYCnowLA", from the Peloton community. I can't thank her enough for putting me on my current road to success.

On April 15th, 2022 I stepped on my Peloton Treadmill for the first time and have not looked back since knowing it was the best decision I made in my life. Friends told me that it would end up being the most expensive clothing rack I ever purchased but sadly they were all very wrong! I managed to retain a perfect consecutive tread day streak for two years, one month and a day before letting go to have my freedom away from a treadmill again. I still have my weekly "blue" streak going as of July 23rd, 2024.

During my first year I began with only pre-recorded workouts and remained hidden within the Peloton community in order to form my own preferred style and foundation based on my desired goals. I have met some incredible followers during these workouts including "Ash_Dynamite", "Noel415", and "Minkatron" which sent the invite to my very first live class on June 24th, 2023 to celebrate her milestone. I am forever grateful for her simple, yet effective, invite that day which catapulted me to the next level. While some invites received since July I couldn't accept (based on work related reasons) they were all appreciated and I fully supported you!

With tread instructors Jess King and Marcel Dinkins you learn to never quit or give up on yourself, ever! You push harder and dig down deeper! This is why they are both my favorites on the tread! I can't thank them enough in my journey and their shout outs always at the best time.

I have met amazing new followers weekly that continue to push me higher with my goals. While I enjoy viewing the success of every follower daily the few that inspired me to push harder daily towards my goals include: "22Kevster", "Why_Stop_Now", "Angelic_Soul", "ScottG32", "IRUNCOMPS", "Coconut18", "MelotonMike", "LifeWith3Boys", "IRunThisTown", "MisteeC", "StickyMango17", "AngServesFace", "SixOPho", "sarainthesky", "Av8Rnurse", "TableMountain" and "Batman617" just to name a few. If you ever see these amazing people on the leader board always know they will support and high five you in your journey! Guaranteed!

On September 16th, 2023 I added the Peloton Bike+ to my collection after being pressured daily from some of my followers (especially from my sweet friend, "jELLIEous"), to take the plunge and accept the pain from Kendall's workouts. I will now begin this journey as the year ends with a gradual build. I look forward seeing many of my cycling friends on the leader board soon!

I have strived towards new PR's this year in both walking and power walking classes against some of the most talented people in the Peloton community. It can get spicy quickly! I have also been more focused on meditations, stretching and some strength training with the Peloton Guide. I currently do not have the Peloton Rower. Maybe one day soon in the future I will take that route.

If you happen to see me in a class, shoot me a high five or message me anytime to say hello. I do watch many of my Peloton followers daily and smile when I see their new PR wins. Someone is always watching your efforts and cheering you on, promise!

In closing, I would personally like to thank all those that have reached out to me thus far and provided kind words of support in my journey. It was very much appreciated. Much success to everyone!

Susie Chan (11/15/2023)
Susie Chan (09/27/2023)
Jess King (09/20/2023)
Jess King (09/13/2023)
Marcel Dinkins (08/09/2023)
Marcel Dinkins (07/31/2023)
Joslyn Thompson Rule (07/31/2023)
Susie Chan (07/26/2023)
Marcel Dinkins (07/24/2023)
Jess King (07/12/2023)
* First Live Shoutout
Atlanta, GA
April, 2022
Eric G.
"The pathway to growth, the pathway to elevation is always through the resistance. You can't go around it, you have to go through it, and that's why our motto is to take the hill."
~ Marcel Dinkins
Favorite Instructors:
Jess King
Marcel Dinkins
Susie Chan
Aditi Shah
Peloton News & Updates Coming Soon!
One of my close friends, Karen Brand (Leander Texas), that helped along my journey suddenly passed to stage 4 cancer on 12/12/22. The last time we spoke by phone I was stepping on my tread for a workout. Susie Chan saw my tagline today and gave her a shoutout. Being that Karen was a 5/10K marathon runner I can't thank her enough in taking a quick second to notice and mention it. Susie is a class act in the community!

Peloton LB:
150 Runs XstysRun
900 Strength RBPelo
100 Rides 22Kevster
600 Rides XtinaCipressi
1,000 Rides Rick_Spinz
Happy Birthday DSantucci
950 Walks Why_Stop_Now
Happy Birthday MosesOnFire
550 Yoga's RBPelo
50 Rides XstysRun
600 Runs Why_Stop_Now
1,900 Strength NerdyPiglette
1,600 Rides NerdyPiglette
1,000 Runs Av8rNurse
100 Walks Aloha_Melanie
1,500 Rides Why_Stop_Now
800 Rides CarePie986
800 Walks Minkatron
100 Walks XstysRun
Happy Birthday KC_Got_Hustle
Happy Birthday Add_It_Arielle
1,500 Rides MeganHitch
400 Runs CyndyBPoppin
900 Walks Why_Stop_Now
550 Walks PeloDan12
300 Walks RBPelo
500 Yoga's Minkatron
1,100 Walks SaraInTheSky
1,000 Walks BeeMissy29
75 Walks XstysRun
Happy Birthday oldguybiking
550 Strength Minkatron
800 Strength Meet_Me_In_Cabo
100 Yoga's Carepie986
500 Meditations jELLIEous
500 Runs Why_Stop_Now
650 Strength BeKingDamnIt
750 Walks Minkatron
500 Walks PeloDan12
450 Walks NerdyPiglette
850 Walks Why_Stop_Now
350 Walks CindybPoppin
200 Runs jELLIEous
Happy Birthday Bootyshakin
500 Runs Kc_Got_Hustle
300 Walks KC_Got_Hustle
1,400 Rides Why_Stop_Now
25 Rides XstysRun
450 Yoga's Minkatron
900 Rides Rick_Spinz
10 Strength XstysRun
2,000 Yoga's TableMountain
500 Yoga's WelchGotDaJuice
1,000 Runs 22Kevster
100 Runs XstysRun
50 Walks XstysRun
1,000 Walks 22Kevster
1,500 Yoga's Av8Rnurse
500 Strength Minkatron
600 Strength BeKindDamnit
Happy Birthday Angelic_Soul
1,000 Strength TableMountain
1,000 Rides Minkatron
1,350 Rides Why_Stop_Now
Happy Birthday sarainthesky
450 Runs Why_Stop_Now
300 Walks Siegelbee
450 Walks PizzaismyVICE
800 Walks Why_Stop_Now
700 Walks Minkatron
10 Rides XstysRun
600 Runs Meet_Me_In_Cabo
150 Strength PeloDan12
1,500 Rides NerdyPiglette
2,200 Walks buckeye_in_md
200 Runs Minkatron (5 Years!)
250 Runs SixOPho
400 Meditations jELLIEous
2,400 Rides YBBlue
600 Rides Carepie986
950 Walks 22Kevster
900 Walks StickyMango17
Happy Birthday CyndyBPoppin
250 Meditations Minkatron
650 Walks Minkatron
400 Walks Add_It_Arielle
500 Rides RBPelo
700 Strength Meet_Me_In_Cabo
950 Runs 22Kevster
400 Strength Minkatron